Silk Blue Ana Dress - 80% off

$ 400.00

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  • Light Crepe De Chine 
  • 100% Silk
  • Professional dry clean only 
  • Made in Brazil


   ISOLDA was created as a multicultural and global brand inspired by a beau- tiful love story. The name is in homage to Maria Tereza de Faria, great grandmother of Juju Affonso Ferreira, one of Isolda’s founder-partners: Juju Affonso Ferreira and Maya Pope grew-up together surrounded by na- ture in Horto Florestal, a neighbourhood in Salvador, Bahia. Their childhood was spent with birds and monkeys among the cashew, mango and guava trees in the gardens of Horto Florestal. These beautiful tropical images fol- lowed the girls to England in 2011 where Isolda was created.The girls are global citizens: Juju is half Brazilian and half English; Maya is half Brazilian and half Japanese. This cultural heritage, together with their travels around the world, has a strong in uence on their professional lives and the DNA of Isolda.Naturally, Brazil is the essential source of inspiration for Isolda. Native ora, fauna and precious stones can be found in every Isolda collection to date.Isolda draws from the tropical environment, exotic co- lours and joyful culture of the Northeast of Brazil to create unique prints that bring an original touch to any ward- robe. “The concept of the brand is to make sure every piece looks like a work of art. Genuinely Brazilian”, says Juliana.
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