Collection: La Prairie

The moment artist Niki de Saint Phalle spied the glistening gold caviar beads in La Prairie’s first creative studio, she professed that caviar is life, and as such, deserved to be enshrined in a vibrant, potent colour – that richest of blues, cobalt. The legend was born. Skin Caviar, infused with the potency of Swiss caviar ingredients, enriches time with life.

With its launch of Skin Caviar, La Prairie made the audacious choice of using Caviar Extract, drawn from the depths of rich waters, to infuse skin with the very source of life. Caviar Science continues to surprise after more than 35 years, evolving since its inception to consistently offer exceptional lifting and firming combined with cutting-edge performance. With each new La Prairie incarnation, caviar’s benefits are strengthened and magnified.