Myvatn Yellow Wires Necklace

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With Iceland as a source of inspiration, the collection is a tribute to the graceful brutalism of its nature.The glass volumes incorporate a net of glass wires through a wild and stormy process. Glass branches are melting and tearing themselves apart from the internal structure as icebergs are detached from glaciers.

The collection chemically embodies Iceland's geological and volcanic activity Transparent Glass Necklace with yellow glass wires insertions
Traditional Murano Glass blowing technique.


Designed in Paris
Handmade in Italy

Meet idonthaveasister

   Idonthaveasister jewels are dreamt and designed with love in Paris by Alexandra Purcaru and handmade in Murano, Venice since 2013. The meaning behind Idonthaveasister is related to the fact that our jewels are unique pieces that does not have any brother or sister. Each piece is hand made in an old workshop using 13th century Glass blowing techniques. So each piece is slightly different but still family.
 Crafting jewellery is something that I’ve always enjoyed since I was a kid. I don’t believe in seasons as I think as a designer you are always exposed to research and inspiration, therefore drawing and prototyping is a continuous flow. What interests me is to shape new pieces at the border between architecture and jewellery.
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